About Project

The project ‘Initiative to enhance public dialogue on the sustainable use of energy” aims to increase cooperation between the municipalities Korca, Pograde, Bitola and Kicevo thus, contributes to improving the implementation of already planned targetsin regards to sustainable use of energyas well asspeed up the progress of the region to full membership in the European Union. The project aims to create the ground and conditions for effective use of energy at local level through increased understanding and cooperation among local government units, business community, public and other relevant stakeholders in bordering areas of respective municipalities. The promotion of such new positive innovations on Energy Efficiency shall produce huge economic benefits in the long-term perspective and shall encourage as well the development of mountainand eco- tourism in areas with such potential. (Ohrid, Prespa Lake).

The program is financed by European Union under the IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013, and implemented by Academy of Political Studies (APS) and the Center for Research and Policy Making (CRPM).

The specific objective of the project is to raise awareness and understanding on Energy Efficiency and climate change issues by promoting best practices and initiatives for action at local level with the involvement of all relevant stakeholders. The project will facilitate and foster the cooperation between the two countries through actions at local level – with municipalities, and at civil society level including the communities to result in local ownership of the project outputs. The cooperation among local government units at both sides of the border shall boost the exchange of experiences and conveying of best examples to face such challenges jointly.

Latest News

The first fair of Energy Efficiency in Bitola

The Center for Research and Policy in cooperation with the Academy of Political Studies from Albania, in the frames of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation project entitled "Initiative to Enhance Public Dialogue on Sustainable Use of Energy" financed by the EU

Signed the Memorandum of Understanding between four municipalities

On 12 February 2015 was held in Korca the regional conference on "Cross border Public Dialogue on Energy – A joint Regional Platform for Action", organised in the framework of the cross border project "Initiative to enhance public dialogue on the sustainable use of energy”.

The workshop in Bitola – opportunity for fresh ideas and proposals for improvement of the Local Platforms for Action

The workshop in Bitola was organized as a conclusion to the already implemented two trainings which were attended by representatives of municipalities, civil society activists, journalists and representatives of the local economy, local communities and local schools from Bitola and Kicevo where they got profound...


The Albanian Public Television on the IPA CBC kick off meeting

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

In the framework of the IPA CBC project "Initiative to enhance public dialogue on sustainable use of energy", a kick-off meeting was held on 30 April 2014 in the City Hall premises in Municipality of Pogradec.